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Job Options With an M.Ed. in C&I — English

A Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction — English can provide graduates with the knowledge and skills to help them increase their impact on education. An M.Ed. can hone students’ curriculum development strategies and instructional practices with emphasis on classroom rhetoric and literature.

Furthermore, teachers interested in working outside of the classroom may be required to have a master’s degree, especially in senior or leadership roles. While the specialty courses focus on English, an M.Ed. in C&I program tends to have general core courses that may be useful for other jobs outside the classroom.

Job Options for Graduates with an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction — English

Students working toward their Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction — English will be prepared for a variety of jobs. Here are some of the job possibilities for teachers who earn this degree and a description of each.

Department head: A department head manages the administrative functions for a specific department, making sure it has enough resources to provide services and achieve its goals. It can be at the school or district level.

Curriculum specialist or instructional coordinator: This person is responsible for aligning the curriculum in the school or district with state education standards. Instructional coordinators review student achievement data, develop teaching material, mentor teachers, oversee the curriculum, assess its effectiveness and provide teacher feedback on implementation.

Lead teacher or team lead: Team leads work with other school leaders and administrators to determine how to achieve the school’s mission and goals, develop staff, oversee curriculum and implement technology.

This is an abbreviated list of titles with general descriptions for some of the potential jobs for graduates with an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction — English. Earning a Master of Education can help teachers change their careers within education, take on new challenges and increase their earning potential.

How to Find the Right M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction Program

When researching graduate programs, find one with courses that match the jobs you might be interested in. As an example, Southeastern Oklahoma State University offers the following core courses in addition to the four required English specialty courses:

  • Education research.
  • History and philosophy of education.
  • Teaching strategies.
  • Culturally responsive learning environments.
  • Public school law.
  • Learning technologies.

These courses can prepare teachers to move into some leadership roles in education that require a master’s degree.

Another option to consider is an online program. Its flexibility makes it possible for students with full-time jobs to complete the coursework at times that fit their schedule. They will not lose time commuting to on-campus classes and can use the extra time to study. A student could complete the program in as few as 12 months and be ready to move into one of the above roles or other related roles after graduation.

Learn more about Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s online Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction — English program.


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