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What Does an HR Manager Do?

Strategic communication is a subspecialty in the communications field

Human resources (HR) managers oversee employee relations and the recruitment of new employees. They manage talent, ensure equal employment opportunity, participate in strategic planning, advise leadership on strategy and policy development, and serve as liaisons between senior management and frontline employees. HR managers multitask daily by overseeing employee services and coordinating organizational policies. Due to the high level of responsibility, knowledge and skill needed for the position, many employers require prospective HR leaders to have an advanced degree like a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in human resources plus related work experience.

Overview of a Human Resources Position

An HR manager job description varies depending on the employer’s industry, compensation and benefits structure, and the organization’s operational and staffing needs. However, there are certain skills and abilities that all HR managers must have to succeed.

Plus, the necessary skill set for success in HR management constantly expands according to changes in the broader business environment. Examples of developments that impact the role of HR leaders include the shift to and from remote and hybrid work models, the development of employee-centric and less hierarchical management structures, waves of employees deciding to leave their jobs and the increasing need for agility in workforce and business models.

In general, HR managers are detail-oriented people responsible for planning and administrating HR programs and ensuring that employees adhere to all policies and procedures. HR managers have excellent communication and negotiating skills. They can handle multiple tasks in a given day and meet strict deadlines.

Basic Duties in a Typical HR Manager Job Description

Regardless of the industry or the type of products or services a company provides, a human resources manager has the primary responsibility of overseeing the salaries and benefits of employees and managing employee relations. They ensure that the compensation for each employee adheres to certain standards and company policies.

An HR manager may create job descriptions for different positions, oversee the interviewing and hiring processes and coordinate training programs. They often monitor employee performance and ensure that employees work according to specified job responsibilities. They also approve additional incentives for employees, such as bonuses, vacation time, salary increases and other employee benefits.

In addition, the evolving role of HR managers includes acting as strategic advisors to leadership — recommending and implementing change to create more resilient, innovative and collaborative workforces. Often, the task of creating productive, positive workplace cultures also falls to HR management, being that supporting the people who make an organization strong is the purview of HR.

Why an MBA Is an Asset for Aspiring HR Managers

When employers search for potential HR managers, they seek candidates with specific skills available in an MBA program. These candidates understand HR practices and administration, and they can operate HR-specific technologies. An online MBA program that focuses on human resources offers students opportunities to refine their knowledge and skills for these types of jobs while they continue working and gaining first-hand experience.

Every industry needs HR managers. The demand for HR managers is consistent, and compensation is strong. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for HR managers was an impressive $130,000 in 2022. Each company outlines specific requirements in an HR manager job description, and an MBA provides aspiring human resources professionals with the right qualifications. Highly qualified HR managers receive the most competitive salaries, and many enjoy job security due to the demand for individuals with their skills.

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