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How Much Do Marketing Managers in Oklahoma Make?

Not all marketing manager jobs are created equal. Some companies with large marketing departments typically have multiple managers, each focused on a specific aspect of marketing like content production, email campaigns, social media, print advertising, public relations, data analytics, etc. In those cases, the title “manager” means you are responsible for managing all activity related to that one area, but you may not have any people reporting to you and you’re not actually managing a team or a department.

In other companies, the marketing manager may be a high-level person responsible for the whole marketing team and report to the CMO. And then there are the really small companies that may only have one person responsible for all of the company’s marketing activity and that person could have a manager title or may be hold a director or vice president title in lieu of a higher salary. Because of the huge variances in what the title of marketing manager actually means, and which responsibilities are included, you’ll find that reported average salaries also vary widely. lets you search for average marketing manager salaries, and sort by company size, state or province, city, experience, skills, education and more. When sorting by company size, it’s easy to see that the larger companies pay more. From the smallest (1-9 employees) to the largest (50,000+ employees) the national average salaries for managers with a marketing-focused Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree average $91,000, as of November 2018.

Marketing managers without an MBA earn significantly less, according to Nationwide, the salary range is between $40,000 and $97,000 with a median salary of $62,650. lists marketing manager salaries for 11 Oklahoma cities as of November 2018:

Oklahoma: Marketing Manager, Average Annual Salary

City Salary
Tulsa $94,397
Oklahoma City $93,470
Broken Arrow $94,071
Edmond $93,174
Norman $92,878
Bartlesville $93,479
Muskogee $93,479
Enid $92,582
Stillwater $92,582
Altus $83,583
Lawton $83,879

Source:, November 2018

It’s important to keep in mind that some companies will pay a sign-on bonus and many companies offer performance bonuses, but those figures are not included in the salaries listed above.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) also offers the following salary information by region for marketing managers in Oklahoma, as of May 2017:

Oklahoma: Marketing Manager Salaries

Location Average Mean Salary
Oklahoma City $102,230
Tulsa $115,180
Southeast Oklahoma $104,670
Northeast Oklahoma $93,610
Northwest Oklahoma $75,340

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2017

Factors that can affect salary include a candidate’s education, experience and gender, job responsibilities, and company location and size. U.S. News & World Report highlights the positive effect of an MBA degree on one’s salary: “For many students, an MBA leads to a career change and a six-figure salary.” Data from the BLS bears this out, as well: marketing managers in Oklahoma make an average salary of $105,080 per year.

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