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Why Choose a BBA in Marketing Degree?

In today’s workplace, a bachelor’s degree is often a requirement for many different career paths. It can open the door to higher-paying opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible.  

The Benefits of a BBA

A BBA is a versatile degree for anyone interested in exploring a career in business. College Raptor contributor Kaeli Nieves-Whitmore calls a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) “an especially versatile degree because it can generally be obtained by studying a variety of fields. Some students choose to study from a number of different subjects, while others choose to focus on a more specific aspect of business that is more interesting to them.”

A BBA program gives students an understanding of business fundamentals and a foundation of professional skills. It is a degree that can be tailored to the specific goals of a student. In today’s competitive job market, being well-qualified in your area of interest can help you stand out to hiring managers. By earning a BBA in marketing, you can give yourself a head start in the marketing industry.

A Focus on Marketing

Marketing is an integral part of business. To understand marketing, it is important to understand business. Through a BBA in marketing, you will learn effective marketing strategies and how to apply them.

Chron contributor Chris Joseph says, “Marketing is a vital business function that facilitates the process of getting a company’s products and services into the hands of the end user.” Because marketing is the driving force behind a successful product or business, an in-depth understanding of its role in business operations is crucial.

Joseph goes on to identify career paths within marketing for different personality types. Extroverts have success in sales, product management and public relations, while those with analytical minds are better suited to research analyst or advertising copywriter roles.

Broaden Your Prospects With a BBA in Marketing

The ubiquitous nature of marketing means solid job prospects for BBA graduates. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 23 percent increase in job openings for market research analysts from 2016 to 2026, more than triple the average rate for all occupations. Marketing offers a robust earning potential for BBA graduates, with BLS placing the average yearly salary for market research analysts and marketing specialists at $71,450, per May 2017 data.

Marketing provides opportunities for an exciting career with upward mobility and excellent pay. Earning a BBA in marketing can make your skill set and resume more attractive to potential employers.  

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