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Gain a Better Understanding of Tribal Sovereignty

An online MBA program with an emphasis in Native American Leadership prepares students to take on leadership and management positions within their tribes and communities. Graduates from this program learn to galvanize tribal change in areas like education, community development, and governance. The topic of tribal sovereignty lays the foundation for many MBA students’ work after graduation.

Fundamental Legal Principles

In addition to studying the core disciplines like business, finance, marketing and management, students in an MBA with an emphasis Native American Leadership program will also take a specialized course in tribal sovereignty. This class will help graduate students develop a deeper understanding of the issue and how it relates both to historical events and to present-day situations. For federally recognized tribes, tribal sovereignty means that tribes can define their membership, govern themselves, manage their tribal property and affairs, and relate as a government to other tribes as well as state and federal governments.

In most situations, tribal sovereignty applies to activities within a federally recognized geographic area, including the activities of both tribal members and nontribal individuals. An MBA course in tribal sovereignty will provide an overview of federal Indian law, the legal principles and development of federal Indian policy, and the effects of these laws and policies on the education of Native Americans. The course also covers the relationship between federal Indian law and acts of the U.S. Congress.

Tribal Sovereignty Through Court Cases

MBA students will examine sovereignty issues through the study of relevant court cases. Coursework covers the principles of tribal governance and membership as well as tribal relationships with the federal government through the lens of historic court cases. The course also gives special consideration to acts of Congress through treaties and statutes as they relate to tribal governance, federal Indian laws and the legal principles of tribal sovereignty. Graduate students can gain a deeper understanding of the history of federal Indian education laws and policies and how they impact the tribes and communities where they live and work.

The next generation of tribal leaders faces a complex set of issues pertaining to tribal governance, reservation management, and the relationship of tribal, state and federal governments. Through the coursework and practical experience available in an online MBA program, students can get the training they need to ethically and successfully lead their tribes and communities. The combination of business fundamentals and Native American leadership issues gives MBA graduates a solid foundation upon which to build a satisfying, meaningful career in tribal governance.

Learn more about the Southeastern Oklahoma State University online MBA in Native American Leadership program.


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