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Get to Know the Business Side of Sports

The sports business is filled with highly competitive people, including ex-athletes and coaches, who switch to the business side when their competitive careers have ended.

Of course, there are opportunities for non-athletes in the business as well, and Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s Master of Science in Sports Administration — Business Online can provide the educational foundation for pursuing your own goals in the sports business regardless of your athletic background.

Athletes Working in the Sports Business

It’s just a fact that many sports business jobs are filled by the very people who once starred on the field or on the court, and there’s evidence that hiring those people is good business. A 2016 article on by Judy Mandell referenced several studies that have concluded that ex-athletes are more likely to succeed in business.

Two of those studies were published in the “Journal of Leadership & Organization Studies,” and they yielded some interesting results including the fact that 43 percent of high school students in the U.S. who played sports tend to have more self-confidence and self-respect, as well as better leadership skills. Furthermore, the study revealed similar results even for individuals who played high school sports as far back as 50 years ago.

6 Traits that Make Athletes Desirable as Employees

In a 2013 article on, David Williams, the author of “The 7 Non-Negotiables of Winning,” outlined six traits in athletes that make them strong hires:

  1. Athletes have the drive to practice a task rigorously, relentlessly, and even in the midst of failure until they succeed.
  2. Athletes achieve their goals.
  3. Athletes develop new skills.
  4. Athletes are exceptional entrepreneurs.
  5. Athletes strive for balance.
  6. Athletes work well with partners and in teams.

All of the evidence indicating that athletes make strong employees doesn’t mean that there aren’t opportunities for non-athletes in the sports business. It does, however, underscore the importance of a strong education.

Earning a Degree That Can Even the Playing Field

Fortunately, Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s M.S. in Sports Administration — Business degree can provide that educational foundation for both ex-athletes and non-athletes through coursework that’s relevant to the modern sports business.

“Foundations of Sport Science” explores the sub-disciplines of sport and exercise science providing an understanding of the physical and psychological process related to human movement. “Applied Research & Statistics in Sports” is designed to help students learn how to apply research methods and decision-making based on statistical processes to drive continuous improvement initiatives in the business. “Administration of Athletics” reviews the problems, policies and procedures that sports administrators encounter.

Other classes include:

  • Sports Management, Finances, and Fund Raising
  • Facility Planning and Event Management
  • Sport and Society
  • Legal Aspects
  • Contemporary Issues

In addition to the core curriculum, the M.S in Sports Administration — Business Online provides a strong foundation in marketing. “Marketing Management” utilizes a comprehensive case study method to help students learn how to develop and implement marketing strategies that create competitive advantages. “Social Media Marketing,” on the other hand, focuses on social networks and the various social media platforms through which businesses engage potential customers via online advertising and marketing campaigns.

The sports business is undeniably competitive, but earning your Master of Science in Sports Administration — Business degree online from Southeastern Oklahoma State University can help you stand out from the crowd when future leadership opportunities present themselves.

Learn more about SOSU’s MS in Sports Administration — Business online program.


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