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What Is a Sports Social Media Coordinator?

Social media coordinators are very important people in the world of sports. They may not get a locker or a jersey, but the significance of their contribution is obvious when you look at your favorite team’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page. Professional social media coordinators manage a team’s online presence, facilitating positive communications between the team and its fans. They also work hard to engage the public and get them excited about sports teams and their activities. They provide information about games and players, and updates on everything from tickets and promotions to events and draft picks.

It is a job for people who like to make connections, whether that’s bringing coaches and athletes closer to their fans, or even helping individual athletes build their brand on social media. It is also a great career for people who love using data analytics and other predictive features that online platforms provide to produce content that is relevant and targeted to sports fans.

But social media coordinators don’t only work for sports teams. They find employment in just about every area of the sports business.

A Wide Web of Opportunity

Some coordinators work in a dedicated social media department, while others are part of marketing, public relations or community outreach teams. Regardless of their title or place on the organizational chart, sports social media coordinators have one thing in common: their skills are in demand.

Here are a few examples of sports-related employers that employ social media professionals:

  • Professional leagues and their governing bodies
  • College and amateur athletic associations
  • Sports news publications and television networks
  • Sports-related businesses, manufacturers and services
  • Unions and agencies that represent professional athletes
  • Sports-related foundations and nonprofit organizations

Whatever your interest, the field of sports social media is large and growing, so you can likely find a perfect fit for your skills.

Salary and Career Advancement

Regardless of where you start your career as a sports social media coordinator, there is plenty of room for advancement. According to, the average entry-level salary for social media coordinators is $38,651, but candidates skilled in project management, email marketing or search engine optimization can improve on that number by up to 10 percent.

Coordinators typically move up to positions such as social media manager (median salary $49,049), digital marketing manager (median salary $64,293) or the broader role of marketing communications director (median salary $79,594) depending on their experience and interests.

The above salary data is as of November 2018.

The Future Is Online

The more socializing and shopping sports fans do online, the harder teams and sports businesses will work to be part of those conversations and transactions. Since social media sites are a prime destination for fans hoping to find their community and interact with their favorite teams, the career outlook for sports social media coordinators continues to be positive.

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