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5 Jobs You Can Get With a BBA in Marketing

We live in a consumer market defined by relationship-building. Shoppers choose brands that they form a connection with via mutual values, catchy taglines or memorable commercials. Our fast-paced, media-driven world demands marketing professionals to maintain the connection with and the attention of consumers.

Here are five jobs you can pursue with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing:

  • Social Media Manager: Online marketing has increased in popularity now that consumers are starting to incorporate social media presence into their perception of brands. Social media managers work to coordinate a cohesive, attractive brand presence across outlets like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. The communication skills and creative aptitude honed by a marketing degree can help you shine in this role.

Average Social Media Manager Salary: $50,816

  • Brand Manager: Brands and products undergo a series of research and tests before hitting the market, and brand managers oversee every phase. They work with individuals from different departments, like research, media and finance, to create a desired end product. This requires analytical aptitude, knowledge of marketing research and persuasive communication skills.

Average Brand Manager Salary: $71,064

  • Event Planner: Events do not just happen. Weddings, professional conferences and promotional events, for example, all require a planner. They take extensive research and advertising, and event planners must possess strong project management and communication skills to be successful in this role.

Average Event Planner Salary: $48,922

  • Public Relations Representative: The public relations industry focuses on the reputation and positive promotion of a client or product. An outstanding public relations representative knows how to influence a demographic and nurture relationships. Marketing majors learn the importance of audience analysis and presentation skills, which translate well in this profession. Event planning is a good skill to have.

Average Public Relations Representative Salary: $45,627

  • Market Research Analyst: This position is a good fit for marketing majors who thrive on research, as market research analysts design and execute varying assessments of products. They must also deliver presentations on their findings, including consumer reactions to new product packaging and more.

Average Market Research Analyst Salary: $53,514

The salary information above is from PayScale (June 2020).

Marketing majors have options when it comes to career opportunities after graduation, but the job market is competitive. Earning a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing is one way to develop the range of skills needed to succeed in the above roles and create value for consumers.

Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s online BBA in Marketing program emphasizes an understanding of consumer behavior and builds the creative, analytical and communication skills needed to excel in a variety of jobs.

Learn more about Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s online BBA in Marketing program.


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