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Gain Experience With Medical Practice Management Software

Because the U.S. has an aging population with increasing healthcare needs, the demand for medical services will continue to rise throughout the next decade. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for health services managers like medical practice managers should grow 17 percent between 2014 and 2024, a rate substantially higher than other occupations. Managers in the health services field should be proficient with medical practice management software in order to carry out their duties effectively. Students in an online MBA program in healthcare information systems will study this and other types of essential software.

The Medical Practice Manager Role

Medical practices usually consist of three or more physicians practicing medicine as one legal unit, sharing facilities, personnel, patient records and business management. A medical practice manager oversees the operations of every aspect of the practice, including the implementation and oversight of medical practice management software. Medical practice managers must thoroughly understand the day-to-day operations of the practice.

The medical practice manager’s priority is delivering quality healthcare services to every patient. In order to meet that goal, the medical practice manager must supervise all staff, organize patient schedules, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and oversee the proper maintenance of patient health records. The medical practice manager also prepares the practice’s budget and makes financial decisions.

The Function of Medical Practice Management Software

Medical practice management software is essential to the daily operations of today’s medical practices. A major component of the software is managing the practice’s financials, including budgeting and patient billing. Medical practice management software allows the practice to monitor patients’ insurance coverage as well as their visit history at the practice. The software also allows staff to streamline each step of a patient’s visit, including scheduling, checking in, seeing the physician, checking out and payment.

Hands-on Experience in an Online MBA Program

Before beginning a career as a medical practice manager, aspiring professionals can gain valuable hands-on experience with medical practice management software through the coursework of an MBA in healthcare information systems. An online MBA program gives students the opportunity to study the flow of operations in a medical practice as well as how to optimize a practice with the software. Graduate students in healthcare information systems with a working knowledge of practice management software are critical assets to the financial well-being of medical practices everywhere.

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