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Choices With an Online Bachelor’s Degree

Through Southeastern Oklahoma State University, you can choose one of nine varied online degree options. All of the programs require a minimum of 124 credit hours, but completion times vary. Learn more about the nine options to see which best aligns with your knowledge base and interests.

B.A. in Communication – Organizational & Strategic Communication

A B.A. in Organizational and Strategic Communication can increase your knowledge of communication practices, especially those between organizations and businesses. Some other topics you can delve into are negotiation, conflict management, problem-solving and rhetoric. These subjects can allow you to better address diverse audiences and prepare yourself for any workplace.

BBA in General Business

A Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business provides an overview of how to ascend to management in a professional setting. This program teaches foundations of business such as economics, marketing, finance and accounting. A BBA in General Business can give you an edge in professional writing and an understanding of organizational behavior.

BBA in Hospitality Management

A Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management emphasizes leadership skills such as communication and problem-solving, while building an understanding of organizational behavior. This degree plan specifically outlines hospitality in the restaurant, tourism and hotel operations sectors.

BBA in Management

A BBA in Management provides a more extensive understanding of how to manage a team. With classes in small business management, human resource management and entrepreneurship, this degree plan not only covers the fundamentals of what it means to be a manager, but also offers a more in-depth view of management — organization, planning, and facing economic challenges.

BBA in Management (Minor Required)

A BBA in Management with a required minor helps students with existing credits transition into a new program. Classes include production and operations management, management science and entrepreneurship — similar to the BBA in Management.

BBA in Marketing

A BBA in Marketing teaches skills that can improve your creativity, communication and critical thinking as they pertain to marketing and promotion. Classes include Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, and Marketing Management.

BBA in Marketing (Minor Required)

SOSU designed this degree plan to accommodate professionals who might already have transferable credits. It offers the same marketing core classes as the BBA without a minor required, as well as classes in international marketing, and marketing logistics and supply chain management.

B.S. in Liberal & Applied Studies

A Bachelor of Science in Liberal & Applied Studies is also designed to help transfer students with a malleable degree program that can fit your needs and interests. Some of these subjects include art, music, and theatre; geography, political science, psychology, and sociology; and English, history, languages, and philosophy.

B.S. in Occupational Safety & Health

A Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety & Health provides an understanding of policy, regulatory compliance, and enforcement, and it prepares students for careers focused on workplace safety. Classes include Construction Safety, Industrial Hygiene, and Hazardous Materials and Waste Management.

Learn more about SOSU’s online undergraduate degree programs.

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