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Benefits of a BBA Degree

The Bachelor of Business Administration is a degree program that prepares graduates for management positions. Also known as a BBA, this degree is meant to teach students all areas of business, from the hiring stages with human resources to financial responsibilities and accounting. Business theories are a focus within this degree as well. The BBA allows students to enter the workforce with knowledge of business management, whether they plan on seeking positions in government, nonprofit or traditional corporate environments.

What Will My Education Look Like?

The online BBA degree at Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SOSU) is taught by the same professors who teach on campus. Students are able to get their degree while leaving room for additional responsibilities that a traditional education may interrupt. This can be especially helpful for working professionals looking to enhance their current career or students who need flexibility due to personal responsibilities or distance from campus. Business students are encouraged to interact with their professors and classmates just as they would in a traditional classroom.

Why Should I Choose the BBA?

There are several areas of emphasis with the online BBA at SOSU:

  • General Business
  • Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Marketing

The variations, along with the general understanding of business knowledge, make graduates highly sought after with companies. The versatility of the BBA degree makes it a popular option for undergraduates.

An article by WorldWideLearn explains why business topped the list of college majors. “This major ranked No. 1 due to several factors, including the breadth of its availability (it ranked first out of the 66 schools we considered), earning index (11th), and employment opportunity (seventh).” 

Business ranks first in a 2017 CNBC article on the six most popular college majors. By completing a Bachelor of Business Administration program, students can develop leadership capabilities that will serve them well within several areas of a corporation. Though experience is necessary in any position, the broad knowledge of a BBA affords students higher potential of getting the job they desire. Many companies hope to hire people who have strong leadership and management qualities.  

New graduates who seek higher compensation can leverage the high earning index of a BBA to begin their career. Those preparing for management positions can expect business administration to cover multiple avenues, many of which pay above the median for those entering the workforce or changing roles. Students also have the option of pursuing a graduate degree, which further prepares them for high responsibility professions and academic jobs.  

There are a wide range of careers available to business administration students, with roles in departments ranging from operations to human resources. The online BBA program at SOSU prepares graduates for the complexities of management and gives them the knowledge they need to succeed in any area of business. 

Learn more about SOSU’s BBA in General Business online program.


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