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Expand Your Career Opportunities with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

It’s common for graduates with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree to consider careers in banking and finance, but those aren’t the only options. The skills gained with this degree are highly versatile and transferrable to other professions. Strong communication, technology, time management, planning, organizational, analytical thinking, research and problem-solving skills are invaluable. Business and other related fields — such as economics, law, marketing and management — demand professionals with these abilities.

Graduates with a business degree commonly hold various managerial and administrator roles and earn competitive salaries across multiple businesses. An online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a concentration in General Business program from Southeastern Oklahoma State University gives students a solid understanding of business management while preparing them for a wide variety of administrative career options.

Careers for Bachelor of Business Administration Grads

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, business remains the most popular undergraduate major in the United States. With training in data analytics, organizational behavior and management, graduates are prepared for a wide range of careers. Here are just a few career opportunities with average salary information as of 2020.

  • Human resources manager. Human resources managers coordinate, plan and direct the administrative activities within an organization. They recruit new hires, conduct interviews, act as employee mentors or advocates and recommend policy changes. This role is constantly evolving to accommodate an ever-changing workforce. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average yearly salary is $121,220 per year, and the field looks to grow by 9% through 2030.
  • Operations manager. Operations or general managers supervise offices and other facilities. While their responsibilities can vary according to each business, they typically manage all the departments within a company. The average yearly pay is $103,650, and the role should maintain average job growth through 2030.
  • Real estate agent. Professionals with a BBA degree will stand out from others in the real estate field. Real estate agents manage money and time with effective communication skills. While there are no set daily tasks for a real estate agent, they are licensed to help people sell, buy and rent homes. They generate leads, spend time with potential buyers and sellers, market and schedule inspections. The average annual pay for a real estate agent is $51,220.
  • Commodities trader. A commodities trader invests in physical materials, such as agricultural products, gold or oil. Some commodities traders work independently, and others are employed by a manufacturer. The business involves selling and purchasing derivative financial contracts through physical trading. The average yearly salary for this position is $64,770.
  • Project manager. While the responsibilities of a project manager will vary based on the business, industry and specific type of project, the common responsibilities of a project manager are planning, leadership, estimating budgets, managing time, solving problems, mitigating risks and evaluating performance. The average annual pay for the job is $77,420.

Interested in a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree?

Students enrolled in the BBA program at Southeastern Oklahoma State University will study economics, finance, accounting, international business law, management, marketing, organizational behavior and more. This online degree program can help prepare you for career opportunities in government, not-for-profit organizations, corporate business, finance, banking and more. This degree is also the first step towards a Master of Business Administration (MBA), unlocking opportunities and earning potential.

Learn more about Southeastern Oklahoma State’s online Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in General Business program.

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