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Affordable Communication Degree Online in Oklahoma

Earning a degree online from a strong communication program does not mean taking on burdensome debt. The tuition for the Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SOSU) Bachelor of Arts in Communication with an Emphasis in Organizational & Strategic Communication online program is only $285 per credit hour.

The competitively priced degree program is taught by SOSU faculty and covers communications topics like management, leadership, negotiation and team problem-solving, among others. Once students graduate, they can pursue rewarding careers in communications.

How Does SOSU’s Online BA in Communication Program Tuition Compare to Similar Programs?

SOSU is proud to offer an online communication degree that is forward-looking, rigorous and highly affordable. Whether you live in Oklahoma or out of state, our BA in communication degree is priced well below many similar online programs. The University of Oklahoma’s online bachelor’s degree comes at a cost of $362.45 per credit hour if you live in Oklahoma. Bethany-based Southern Nazarene University’s online college tuition is $475 per credit.

Over the course of 124 credit hours, those differences add up. Total tuition figures illustrate the difference:

  • $35,340 for 124 credit hours at SOSU
  • $44,943 for 124 credit hours at OU
  • $58,900 for 124 credit hours at SNU

Financial benefits of SOSU’s online program include:

  • Convenient pay-as-you-go tuition
  • No hidden fees
  • Cost savings over brick-and-mortar classes
  • Same tuition rate for in-state and out-of-state students
  • No additional fees beyond tuition

Benefits of Online Courses

As a growing number of college-bound students are learning, there are many financial benefits to taking courses online. Online courses are often lower in cost than traditional brick-and-mortar classes. SOSU is able to offer the same quality of education to our online students at a lower price because online courses are less resource-intensive than traditional classroom-based learning. Rather than pocketing that difference, those savings are passed on to our online students who live across the United States.

Online courses offer additional cost-saving benefits for students. Our online students can save on commuting expenses and childcare costs. The ability to study online also affords our students the option of balancing coursework while working.

What Are My Financial Assistance Options?

Southeastern Oklahoma State University also offers financial assistance through the Office of Student Financial Aid. Our staff is here to help make the financial aid process as smooth as possible. SOSU’s financial aid programs serve to identify deserving students who are in need of financial assistance. As long as students are in good academic standing, these programs can supplement their efforts to meet college expenses.

Our Office of Student Financial Aid can help online students learn about or apply for:

  • Federal Pell Grants
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants
  • Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grants
  • Loans
  • Alternative Loans
  • Scholarships

Tips for an Affordable Online Experience

If you have concerns over the affordability of online degree programs, these tips can help you cut costs while avoiding unforeseen expenses.

Shop around: Tuition rates for online degree programs and traditional brick-and-mortar programs vary widely. SOSU is proud to offer an online program that is both competitively priced and accredited.

Apply for aid: There is a wide range of financial aid programs available. If you have questions about financial aid, please contact our Office of Student Financial Aid.

Consider post-graduation pay: While it’s easy to fixate on the cost of earning a degree online, prospective students should consider the potential earnings that come with a college degree. Graduates of SOSU’s communication program can pursue jobs in PR and communications that ultimately pave the way for roles like public relations director ($86,000 per year), director of marketing and communications ($83,000 per year), or social media director ($72,000 per year). Salary information is from PayScale (October 2019).

Launch Your Communications Career With an Affordable Online Degree From SOSU

SOSU’s Bachelor of Arts in Communication can be earned for only $285 per credit hour. All of our courses are taught by SOSU faculty. By completing our accredited online program, you can graduate with the confidence that you have earned a respected and affordable communication degree.

Learn more about SOSU’s Bachelor of Arts in Communication with an Emphasis in Organizational & Strategic Communication online program.

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