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Gain a Foundation in Communication With Bachelor’s Degree

Being able to communicate effectively is one of the most important skills a person can have. Whether it’s connecting in personal relationships, dealing with clients or pitching the latest ideas to prospective investors, communication can be the defining factor in many important situations.

Earning a BA in communications offers students opportunities to hone these important skills. As Dawn Rosenberg McKay writes for, “When you graduate, you should know how to write and speak effectively and persuasively. You will have strong interpersonal, time management, and critical thinking skills. You will be detail-oriented and adept at information gathering.”

In a competitive world with many different markets and industries, effective communication can be a deciding factor in a company’s success.

Developing the Tools for Effective Communication

Communication is an often-overlooked soft skill that permeates every aspect of business. As Laura Tucker writes for, “A communications degree will allow you to build awareness of how to communicate information to diverse audiences effectively, with specific business goals in mind.”

Students of Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s online BA in Communication program will have access to a variety of courses designed to prepare students for effective communication in larger organizations. The curriculum is varied enough to cater to the goals of each individual student. Classes like COMM 4433: Intercultural Communication prepare students by building the skills required to overcome potential communication barriers, for example.

While the core curriculum sets the foundation for a student’s communications skills, the broader courses on communication theory are what will allow students to gain a working knowledge of communication tailored to a specific career goal.

A Communications Degree With Options

A BA in communications is a versatile degree because it is well-suited to careers in a wide range of industries and businesses. Mass communication and media, film, music, television, journalism, public relations, and advertising are some of the fields with career opportunities for communications majors.

Whether your goal is to get involved in public relations for a business firm, join a lobbying firm or work in media production, a BA in communication is a step in the right direction. On the benefits of her communications degree, HuffPost contributor Christina Berchini writes, “In my experience, the communications major opens the doors to creativity in a way that many other majors simply do not.”

Creative industries, including the fast-growing digital media space, require communications graduates interested in new media careers. With its broad curriculum, SE’s online BA in Communications program offers a path to explore and prepare for these avenues.

Learn more about the SE’s online BA in Communication program with an emphasis in Organizational & Strategic Communication.

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