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Why Earn an Organizational and Strategic Communication Degree?

Effective communication is important to operating a successful business. Whether facilitating communications between businesses or resolving conflicts internally, having a working knowledge of how to communicate efficiently and diplomatically can help resolve problems and open new opportunities for individuals and businesses alike.

According to Chron, “Communication is a critical function in organizations, from the very small to the very large.” With a focus on organizational and strategic communications, the Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SOSU) online BA in Communication program offers students a curriculum that will prepare them for effective communication in the world of business.

What Is Strategic Communication?

Financial Times defines strategic communication as that which “is completely consistent with a corporation’s mission, vision, [and] values and is able to enhance the strategic positioning and competitiveness of the organization.” In other words, strategic communication means having a consistent and replicable method of communicating throughout an organization. This ensures everyone within a business is on the same page.

Courses like Communication and Leadership and Organizational Communication in SOSU’s online BA program will prepare students to develop effective communication strategies within an organization. These skills include interpersonal communication, as well as the ability to develop a larger narrative within a company to communicate ideas to larger audiences.

The Benefits of Specializing in Organizational and Strategic Communication

According to, strategic communications means “infusing communications efforts with an agenda and a master plan.” This means developing a method of communicating ideas throughout an organization that will point everybody in the same direction.

Specializing in organizational and strategic communication will prepare a student for the world of modern mass communication and its role within a company. Having the skills necessary to develop these communications strategies is a great way to gain an edge in the communications industry.

Here are just a few of the jobs available for those with a BA in Communication:

  • Corporate Communications Manager
  • Public Relations Professional
  • Marketing Manager
  • Communications Specialist

Getting a BA in Communication Online

Online degree programs are rising in popularity, due largely to their convenience and affordability. According to U.S. News & World Report, “An online communications degree program offers flexibility for students who are also working professionals. Web-based programs typically follow the same rigorous curricula as brick-and-mortar options, leading to similar advancement opportunities for graduates.”

The Southeastern Oklahoma State University online BA in Communication program is taught by the same faculty who teach on campus. This means students can expect the same type and quality of feedback that on-campus students receive along with the flexibility associated with online degree programs.

The BA in Communication program has a minimum requirement of 124 credit hours. As U.S. News & World Report points out, “Full-time students usually complete graduation requirements within four years.” This timeframe could be shortened with a heavier course load or lengthened to accommodate a student working full time.

Citing the National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. News & World Report notes that the number of bachelor’s degrees in communications and journalism has increased 25 percent from 2005 to 2015. In a field experiencing such rapid growth, it is important to have an edge. Earning a BA in communication focused on organizational and strategic communication is a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd and further your career.

Learn more about the SOSU online BA in Communication program with an emphasis in Organizational & Strategic Communication.


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