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Why Choose a Bachelor’s in Communication?

The study of communication has long been a popular degree among college students. Communication skills are essential for human development at any level, holding value in one’s academic and professional pursuits as well as one’s personal life.

Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SE) offers a fully online Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Communication with an Emphasis in Organizational & Strategic Communication. This degree program combines advanced studies in all aspects of effective communication with a broad liberal arts education. This breadth of study helps students learn how to apply communication and critical thinking skills to an array of disciplines and career opportunities after graduation.

What Is Involved in Communication Studies at Southeastern Oklahoma State University?

SE’s online B.A. in Communication program is designed to help students understand the nuances of communication in theory and practice as applied to many essential aspects of society, whether political, social or organizational.

Core coursework focuses on the fundamentals of communications study. Students will examine communication in organizational and public settings. They will also delve into the intersection of mass media and society as well as communication theory and research. Organizational and strategic communication courses dive deeper into these areas and focus on general applications to subjects like leadership.

Another perk of the program is students’ ability to select a number of courses based on their interests or career leanings. Organizational communication courses surround subjects like conflict management and intercultural communication. Strategic communication courses focus on applications like argument, advocacy, persuasion and politics.

What Else Will I Study in a Liberal Arts Degree Program From SE?

General education courses make up over one-third of credit hours required for completion of a B.A. at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. These courses cover a range of liberal arts studies, spanning everything from biology and physical/mental health to intercultural contexts and the fine arts.

This broad study is an integral part of liberal arts education, introducing students to a spectrum of disciplines. The program develops and deepens the essential, transferable skills of communication, critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork. Understanding intercultural communication practices as well as the link between effective communication and positive health outcomes equips program graduates to succeed in the workplace.

Students are also required to choose a minor, tailoring their degree to a particular area of interest. Additional elective courses allow students to explore more disciplines in depth.

What Is the Value of a B.A. Degree in Communication?

According to the Job Outlook 2020 survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the skills developed through communication studies align closely with those employers value. In fact, written communication skills made the top 10 list of “attributes employers seek on a candidate’s resume.” Other skills emphasized in SE’s online B.A. in Communication program (like verbal communication skills, problem-solving skills, teamwork, analytical skills and leadership) are all also among the top 10 employer-valued attributes.

These findings highlight the job-market worth of specific skills gained through a communication degree program, along with the transferable skills and knowledge developed through a liberal arts education. Employers value and seek out these skills in new hires.

Who Can Benefit From Earning a BA in Communication?

The skills earned through a B.A. in communication and liberal arts degree are attractive to employers and hiring managers from numerous industries filling all types of positions. Students can apply the experience gained from a communications degree in nearly any career field.

Both traditional communication-focused careers like public relations and non-traditional communication roles, like tech jobs on a software company’s sales team, can benefit from a B.A. in communication.

Clearly, communication is essential to workplace success for 21st-century college graduates. The integration of skill development, theory, knowledge and practice in a quality communication B.A. program like SE’s can prepare students to thrive in a wide variety of academic and career pursuits.

Learn more about Southeastern Oklahoma State  University’s B.A. in Communication with an Emphasis in Organizational and Strategic Communication online program.


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