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Important Hospitality Marketing Trends

Hospitality marketing has changed to keep pace with shifts in technology and consumer trends. In the near future, a handful of hospitality marketing trends will dominate the horizon and affect how hotel, travel and tourism marketers and managers relate to their customers. Topics such as hospitality marketing trends figure prominently in an MBA in Hospitality Management, as does the development of travel and tourism, hotel operations, and hospitality marketing strategies.

Emphasis on Mobile Devices

The hospitality industry is no different from other industries in that mobile marketing continues to overtake other forms of online marketing. For travel, tourism and hotel companies to remain competitive, they must stay on the cutting edge of mobile innovations with marketing, booking, check-ins and reviews. Companies must ensure their websites are mobile-optimized and consider developing and improving mobile apps.

Rise of Video

Consumers are increasingly turning to video for content. Companies within the hospitality industry must capitalize on this hospitality marketing trend by improving their presence on social media and video platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live and Periscope. Website marketing developers can also prioritize video on company websites, giving guests a video preview of their upcoming travel or dining experience.

Importance of Branding

Competition in the hospitality industry can be intense, so companies need innovative ways to stand out. Branding a singular experience remains a key way to attract the attention of customers. Hotels, restaurants and hospitality services can focus on building their stories and their brands by maintaining a relevant online presence.

Content Marketing

By using content marketing, hospitality services can provide their customers with quality information optimized for search engines. Hotels and restaurants can offer blogs on their websites with information on local events, sales, deals or contests. Using social media along with curated content helps companies drive organic traffic to their sites and generate sales.

E-mail Marketing

The most direct way to market to individual consumers is through email marketing. Hospitality services must continue to build their email subscription lists, especially as competition from online travel agencies intensifies. Hospitality marketers must provide quality content and actionable deals to their email subscribers, along with dynamic personalization.

Social Media and User-Generated Content

The hospitality industry is a natural match for the world of social media marketing and user-generated content on review sites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp. Many travelers and consumers turn to review sites for testimonials about experiences and purchases before they visit a company’s website. Companies can maximize their online presence by responding quickly to reviews and maintaining a gracious and humble online presence. Hospitality companies can also generate interest in their services by running contests on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Changes in Online Ads

Online hospitality advertising is quite different from traditional marketing channels. Consumers are increasingly using ad blockers within their internet browsers to streamline their online experience. Hospitality marketers, like other advertisers, must explore new methods of reaching potential guests through paid promotions, including image or video display ads, targeted ads and sponsored posts on Facebook or Twitter.

An MBA in Hospitality Management offers business professionals the background and experience they need to advance their careers in the hospitality industry. This specialized MBA covers hospitality marketing trends in addition to general MBA courses in management, accounting, finance and leadership.

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